Coaching or Therapy?

If you are searching for a THERAPY based approach - where you are aware something is wrong, that you wish to have resolved - please click here >>  'Breakthrough Therapy' 


For Business or Personal Coaching - please read on:-

The premise behind Business / Executive or Life Coaching is  >>   "I'm okay .... and I want to be even better." 


"You simply want to enjoy running a business again and add to your bottom-line in the process."

Is your business as successful/profitable as you want, or are some objectives eluding you?

Has the pleasure gone out of your business, do you enjoy it as much as you once hoped?


Coaching is taken for granted in the world of sport where individuals and teams have a coach to enhance skills, provide motivation and refine performance. Ultimately, coaching aims to bring out the best in an individual or team. The same can be said for business and its leaders.

Executive coaching works best when used to help individuals address specific professional development issues, so is particularly appropriate for those in senior positions.  


In life - and business - there are only two real outcomes:-

** We either get the results we want, or we have reasons for not getting the results! **


A coaching program enables you to leave those ‘reasons’ behind, which leaves you with the only other outcome - achieving more of what you want for yourself and your business.


Do you have the energy and drive to do the things you ‘need’ to do, as well as the things you would simply ‘like’ to do?  


Does your motivation come and go, mingled with times of clarity and times of uncertainty about what you are doing?

With your motivation established and your outcome specified, you work with improved strategies to achieve those aims.

“I have had the full Business Coach/Life coach service provided by Nigel and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I wish I had done this much earlier in my life. If you are the owner of a business and want to look at how to improve yourself and your business then I would highly recommend you contact Nigel. If you are not a business owner, but want some answers to questions about decisions you have made in your life then contact Nigel. Everyone should have this kind of coaching. I was very skeptical about 'coaching' prior to meeting Nigel and starting the course. I am not now, in fact I have members of staff being coached by Nigel as well.”

M Jordan - Director