PTSD / Trauma / Accident

If you have experienced trauma - whether through violence, an accident, or some other circumstances - you may feel you have been left with on-going symptoms, despite the event being past.

> You want to regain your lost confidence.

> You want to rid yourself of the Fear / Anxiety and other unwanted emotions that can take-over.

> You need to deal with the realisation of your new 'physicality', following injury and/or disability.

> Maybe you have been in the military and returned from a war-zone with 'survivor guilt' that you need to resolve, or are plagued with on-going fear, or flashbacks.

> You feel that friends and family cannot truly understand what you have experienced.

These issues can be dealt with comfortably .... and far more swiftly than you previously realised.  I have been through a number of these, so know what is possible from personal experience.

My story - in brief !
In 2007 I had a road accident which left me with only about 30% active range of movement of my right arm.  I suffered with Post Traumatic Stress [PTSD] as well as having to deal with the emotional impact of how to re-evaluate myself in light of my injury and dealing with the things I could no longer do.

I had previously trained in NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and Hypnotherapy in 2005, so was fortunate to know that it was possible to let go of what I has dealing with.  I went to see another person that I had trained with, to enable me to move on and get the 'old me' back again.

As a result of this experience, I am very passionate to help anyone else whom has found themself in a similar situation - whether it be through a Road Traffic Accident, or other such Traumatic event - since I have first hand experience of what it feels like AND what can be done about it.

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