Mental Edge - Sports

We often hear boxers/fighters & commentators on TV talk about the mental aspect of sport … and this can relate to any sport - from the World Cup, to Wimbledon…. to the UFC.


How can fighters prepare, to ensure their mind is in the right place?


* Would you perform better if you had rid yourself of doubt, nerves, or fear?


* Would you benefit from letting go of the negative thought patterns that came after a loss - to regain that certainty and self-belief to perform at your best?


* Will you stay more focused if you let go of past Anger ....? 


Some may think that Anger is important as a motivation .... and how often do you hear of fighters 'losing their head' by not remaining calm, or doubts creeping in!?


There may be other emotions you have experienced that have reduced your focus, or ability to use your skills on the day, or when training hard.


With these things taken care of – you are free to focus on the main aim .... winning.


If there is value in this for you, then let me know and we can arrange a time to meet, so I can explain how a Breakthrough Session can work for your sporting aims.