Why Choose Nigel?

When considering a Breakthrough Therapy Session with me, there are some aspects to take in to account:

Time Line TherapyTM techniques allow you to deal with the issues in a way that is 'content free'.  
By this, I mean that you do not have to re-live the negative past events in detail to be able to let them go.  This makes the process more comfortable for you.

I believe that having had to experience a negative event ONCE ..... is once too much - so enabling you to deal with things comfortably is of paramount importance to me.

You are able to deal with the problem that day - rather than having hourly sessions extending over a period of weeks, before getting anywhere....
Some people who undertake weekly sessions lose motivation before getting where they need to be, to know things are resolved.  We avoid that pitfall.

The process works on the unconscious behaviour patterns you have been experiencing - so there is no 'thinking' required the next time your old problem would previously have occurred.  By handling the root cause of the problem, you will know it has gone at the time.

I guarantee my results.
After a Breakthrough Therapy Session I would expect you to notice a shift in perspective, on the day itself.  In the unlikely event that you do not experience a relevant change in outlook, then you will receive a 50% refund of your money.  Something that few have the confidence to offer.  (See Terms)

I give a free initial consultation to talk you through the process and explain what is involved.
This allows you to become completely comfortable with what to expect from the process.

               "All you have to gain .... is your peace of mind."

When dealing with life issues, maybe you already know the value that this would have to you!  Knowing this can work for you opens up the thoughts of how life will be when you have left that old problem behind? 

Many people would not think twice about spending money on a new TV, or a holiday, yet retain their problem for years, rather than invest in themselves with what can often be a life-changing experience, allowing you daily comfort - with that problem finally dealt with.

Contact me:   E-Mail >  nigelhorwood@yahoo.com   or   Tel. >  07950 699128
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